List of Missionaries

Jim Elliot A missionary and a martyr
Wellesley Bailey Founder of the Leprosy Mission
Mildred Cable Missionary to China, obedient to God’s call. Spread the Gospel in the Gobi Desert
William Carey A Missionary to India
Amy Carmichael Missionary to India
Adoniram Judson Missionary to Burma
Eric Liddel Athlete with principles ‘Chariots of Fire
David Livingstone World-famous missionary from Scotland taking God’s light to Africa
Nate Saint Missionary
Mary Slessor Dedicated Scottish missionary to Africa


List of Evangelists

Gladys Aylward Evangelist
Corrie Ten Boom An heroic modern day saint and evangelist
F.F. Bosworth One of the first healing evangelists. Wrote the best-seller ‘Christ the Healer’
John Bunyan Pilgrims Progress
Thomas Cranmer Archbishop to Henry VIII. Major impact on the reformation and today’s church
Adoniram Judson Missionary to Burma
Oliver Cromwell A constitutional reformer who brought political stability after the civil war
Jonathon Edwards revival preacher
Desiderius Erasmus First printed Greek version of the New Testament
Elizabeth Fry Prison visitor and social reformer